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Brittany Wnek is 16 years old. For over four years now, she's battled with a an extremely rare tumor-inducing cancer. The purpose of this site is to support her and her family in her struggle and to celebrate the hundreds of victories she's already experienced. You can learn more About Brittany here. Please also visit the Fifty for Brittany Facebook Page. You can get all the current updates there. While you are there, please click "Like"!

People that want to provide tangible support for Brittany are invited to "Do 50" of something for Brittany--and then engage 50 supporters to donate 50 dimes or more online to meet the needs of Brittany and her family.

50 dimes equals five dollars. A hundred people giving 50 dimes equals $500. 50 quarters equals $12.50. A hundred people giving $12.50 equals $1,250. You get the idea...

Your 50 and all our 50's can add up to a lot of help and a lot of support for Brittany.

If you'd like to give 50 of something, you can
Give 50 here.

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Requested: "Right Click" the link below and add it to your favorites so that everytime you shop Amazon, you can shop for Brittany! Amazon will give Brittany's family a percentage of every purchase! Shop now:

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